Hagai Shaham: My Kuhmo

In early 1996 I received a fax from my management: another festival… two weeks, plenty of chamber works, some teaching… sure, I had heard good things about the place, loved… Read more »

Janne Thomsen: My Kuhmo

When I was invited to Kuhmo for the first time in 2000, I had no idea what awaited me. I had obviously heard of this world-famous festival and wind colleagues… Read more »

Juhani Lagerspetz: My Kuhmo

The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival has undoubtebly had more of an impact on me as a musician than any other musical event. Its broad profusion of music has moulded my… Read more »

Helmi Horttana: My Kuhmo

My first visit to Kuhmo was in summer 1989, when I was four. I was listening to a Chamber Music Festival concert with my parents in Kuhmo Church. I would… Read more »

Joona Pulkkinen: My Kuhmo

“Morning, Sir. Did you sleep well?” It had been my custom to come straight to the point in addressing our foreign composer visitors, pretending to be cool and brisk. I… Read more »