The Kuhmo Chamber Music Courses have offered courses to students since 1970. Right from the start, the aim of these courses has been to provide students with high-quality teaching with soloists and chamber musicians at the top of their profession, while allowing the students to follow their teachers’ work in a practical setting through our many concerts. The atmosphere is always very international and seeks to foster a strong sense of community. For many young musicians, Kuhmo is an important source of inspiration, and the positive impact of our courses can still be felt many years afterwards.

This summer, Kuhmo Chamber Music will welcome another group of wonderful soloists and chamber musicians to teach and perform in Kuhmo. This year, the festival will host an exceptional number of teachers specialised in the teaching of chamber music. In addition to the numerous ensembles featured at this year’s festival, it is our great pleasure to invite Johannes Meissl (Haydn Academy, isa, ECMA) as well as Tuija Hakkila and Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch, both specialised in music of the Baroque and Classical periods, to ensure that excellent teaching is available for all student ensembles.

In addition to our instrumental and chamber-music teaching, the festival will also hold chamber-music workshops allowing the students to perform a concert alongside the festival artists. This year, we will also provide a separate course in artist coaching, led by the baritone Thomas Florio, who has also trained as a therapist. And for the first time in a long while, this year’s festival will include masterclasses for kantele and accordion too.

We wish all amateurs and professional students alike a warm welcome to Kuhmo Chamber Music 2024!

Junio Kimanen
Course Artistic Director