Kuhmo Chamber Music never fails to astonish, not only with its magnificent programme of music and unique atmosphere, but also with its variety of places to eat. For the little town of Kuhmo seems to conjure forth out of nothing places for thousands of clients to enjoy genuine local specialities and international cuisine. The taste buds are kept constantly alert, for you never need to eat the same food twice. The Chamber Music Centre at Kontionkatu 22 and Kontio School both have restaurants.

The gastronomical delights are as unique as the Kuhmo Festival. The restaurants come to life for two weeks only (July 10–23), so many book in advance. The running of Kontio, the Salakamari and the Amati is in the hands of about 60 people, most of them voluntary.

[b]Greater than ever atmosphere at the Amati[/b]
The Amati Café, now refurbished and more attractive than ever, is the place to go for breakfast, sweet and savoury snacks. Veikko Huovinen, the proprietor of the Chamber Music Centre restaurant, lays on a tasty menu in a rustic setting. This year the fare goes out into nature, and the pies and pesto may be seasoned with wild herbs. The selection of cakes and pastries varies from day to day. It goes without saying that the Amati breakfast tray includes a filled croissant or Karelian pasty, strawberries and fruit, a blueberry smoothie, coffee or tea.

[b]Traditional quality at the Salakamari and Courtyard Restaurant[/b]
Matching the food and the wine menus at the Salakamari and Courtyard Restaurant are wine gurus Antti Rinta-Huumo and Juha Berglund, now for the 19th time. There is a different pasta or soup option for lunch each day, while in the evening, the restaurants serve a delicious three-course dinner specially devised by the chefs or a five-course festival menu. Crowning the excellent food are wines from Juha’s Château Carsin in France. Kuhmo Chamber Music’s own Amati red and white wines also come from this vineyard.

[b]Local goodies at the Kontio Café[/b]
It is impossible imagine Kuhmo Chamber Music without a rönttönen, so close is the connection between the festival and the traditional regional pastry. You will find both a rönttönen and other great regional bakes at the Kontio Café, along with the festival’s own signature cakes with various berry fillings. At concert time, head for the Kontio lakeside for a mouth-watering giant pancake. The Kontio salad and soup lunches are conjured up by local cultural magician Topi Mikkola, who may be found later in the evening reciting a monologue by Rosa Liksom at the Chamber Music Centre.

Before the festival: Kuhmo Chamber Music, tel. +358 8 652 0936
During the festival, 10.–23.7.
Amati Café, tel. +358 40 240 3727, open 9–18 (10.7. 12–18)
Salakamari & Courtyard Restaurant, tel. +358 50 561 0373, open 12–01 (10.7. 17–01)
Kontio Café, tel. 040 442 8068, open 10–21.30 (10.7. from 12, 23.7. until 20.30)

The restaurants are run by the Kuhmo Chamber Music Patrons’ Association. By using their services, you support its work and help to ensure the festival’s future in Kuhmo.

[b]Further info:[/b]
Kuhmo Chamber Music, tel. +358 8 652 0936
Salakamari: Antti Rinta-Huumo, tel. +358 50 561 0373