Monday 17.7.

Monday 17.7.2023

10.00 Salakamari

The Heart of the day

Outi Tarkiainen talks about her compositions and about her work as a composer (in Finnish).

Monday 17.7.2023

35. 11.00 Kuhmo Church — €25/21

Cleansing the palate

Luciano Berio (1925—2003):

Gesti for treble recorder (1966)

Grażyna Bacewicz (1909—1969):

Quartet for four violins (1949)

Francis Poulenc (1899—1963):

Sextet for wind quintet and piano (1932–39)

Monday 17.7.2023

36. 15.00 Tuupala Primary School — €25/21

Risky reading

Lewis Carroll’s short stories were banned in China in 1931 because it was deemed “unfitting
for animals to speak like humans”.

Mikko Heiniö (1948—):

Piano Quintet (1993, the text slightly adapted fragments from Through the Looking-Glass (1872) by Lewis Carroll)

Giovanni de Macque (1548—1614):

Consonanze stravaganti

Claudio Saracini (1586—1630):

Io moro

Carlo Gesualdo (1560—1613):

Gagliarda del Principe di Venosa

Alessandro Grandi (1586—1630):

Crud'e proterva

Scipione Lacorcia (1590—1620):

Ancidetemi cruda

Giovanni Maria Trabaci (1575—1647):

Consonanze stravaganti (1603)

”- - and then the customary As on the piano, the plucking and tuning of the violin, the
setting up of the music. Then I remember how they looked at one another, glanced round
at the audience and began to play. He took the first chord. ( - - )

- They played Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer Sonata’. Do you know its first movement, the presto?
You know it? he burst out. - Ah! It’s a fearful thing, that sonata.”
Leo Tolstoy: The Kreutzer Sonata, translated by David McDuff

Leoš Janáček (1854—1928):

String Quartet No. 1, JW VII/8 ‘Kreutzer’ (1923)

Monday 17.7.2023

37. 18.00 Kuhmo Arts Centre — €30/25

Working women

Florence Price (1887—1953):

Don't You Tell Me No (1931–34)

Outi Tarkiainen (1985—):

The Downfall of Judith Shakespeare (2023, commissioned by the Kuhmo Chamber Music, premier)

Amanda Maier-Röntgen (1853—1894):

Piano Trio in E flat (1874)


Charlotte Bray (1982—):

Crossing Faultlines for soprano and piano (2021)

Helvi Leiviskä (1902—1982):

Piano Quartet in A, Op. 1 (1925–26, rev. 1936)


Monday 17.7.2023

38. 21.00 Kuhmo Arts Centre — €25/21


Olli Mustonen (1967—):

Tähtitarha for flute and piano

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770—1827):

Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27/2 'Moonlight' (1801)

Osvaldo Golijov (1960—):

Night Messengers from Falling Out of Time (2019, arr. for flute and string quintet by composer)