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Year 2018

The Kuhmo music courses have been providing training to young professional students and gifted amateur musicians every summer for almost half a century now. Relying as they do on strong traditions, the music courses, in conjunction with Kuhmo Chamber Music, have maintained their position as one of the most appealing international summer courses in Finland and Europe. There are classes in Kuhmo for players of string and wind instruments and piano, as well as for chamber music ensembles.

The courses at Kuhmo are suitable for a whole range of students. The youngest enthusiasts can combine lessons on their instrument with an enjoyment of music festival events with their families. Players pursuing more professional studies can take advantage of the motivating atmosphere at Kuhmo: their attendance at concerts develops their knowledge of the repertoire and their musical tastes. The teachers are mainly the artists performing at the Festival, each one taking an average of two pupils. The Mestari-kisälli ('Master and Journeyman') arrangement allows students to follow the work of their teachers on stage. Kuhmo does not just offer professional music students an opportunity to benefit from first-rate tuition, but also the chance to show off their skills in an international forum and establish important contacts with other students and celebrated artists and teachers.

In 2018, besides the teaching sessions, there will be a chamber music workshop, with an opportunity to rehearse and perform music at a Festival concert with pianist Konstantin Bogino and viola player Yuval Gotlibovich. Masterclasses will be given by Konstantin Bogino (piano), Hagai Shaham (violin), Nicholas Daniel (oboe) Danel Quartet (chamber music)

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